Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So apparently my hands have been idle for much longer than I thought. It has been some time since my last entry here, and that was the last time I got any writing done. Be that as it may however my mind, as always, has not been idle in the slightest. A good many ideas come to the surface when I let things stew and just live for a bit, and this unintended idle time has been no less fruitful.

I just need to make sure I do something with these ideas.

Of note, I developed a new character for my D&D setting. All fantasy realms need a chronicler of sorts, and in that regard my setting has been remarkably lacking. This was not unintentional, but because I wanted to come up with something that did not feel to me like I had ripped it out of something else. I take far too much from the things I love in the first place, such that most of my work feels like plagiarism to me no matter what other people say, and I wanted the world's chronicles to be something I felt was my own. Or at least, as much as it could be. So I am pleased with what I came up with, at least for now, and I hope I remain so as work on the setting continues.

I have also developed an interesting method of completing a project that has been set to the side in my brain for a good long time now. This is an idea I have had for at least six years, and I only in the last few days came up with a method of carrying through with this idea. Call it a translation, call it an interpretation, call it an homage...I just hope I can pull it off.

I am going to attempt a specific work schedule from this point forward. Up to this stage I have avoided specifically designating time to work. This has been because I always believed creativity is something that must come naturally, and every time I attempted to force it either nothing happened or the work I produced was less than crap. I still believe this, and I do not believe my outlook is going to change at any point. Yet I have decided that a different approach might produce more results than simply waiting for inspiration to strike. Perhaps if I shape the appropriate mindset I can develop things creatively with greater...what...alacrity? Not sure what word I might be looking for at present, but I do know how I plan on approaching the problem.

If I devote, specifically, four hours out of each and every day toward writing, perhaps I can get used to the idea. My idea is to specifically devote four hours every day to writing: I will write only during those designated hours, and I will only write during those designated hours. That means if I have an idea, I will make a note and leave it alone until it is time to work. It also means that during those four hours I will not play games, or watch movies, or surf any site that does not involve immediate research for a project I am working on. Perhaps if I can keep this up long enough, my mind will begin to think in a way that I can more easily work during those hours. Perhaps work I produce during those four hours will not be crap because my brain will have become used to functioning that way.

At least, I can give this a try and hope it works.