Thursday, November 03, 2011

Rambling - Sky Beat Dancing

Bringing my average posts per month down yet again, I have decided that I will not make my usual Thursday posts for the past few weeks.  I decided this just now, and will utilize my not-yet-invented time machine to make this decision reality.

There, done.

So I've decided to go for this whole NaNoWriMo thing.  I got a late start, being that I didn't discover it until about 23:00 on the 2nd, so I didn't get to writing until it was technically the 3rd.  This doesn't seem to be much of a problem from a "total number of words you have to write each day to succeed" thing.  Starting on the 3rd instead of the 1st, their stats calculator helpfully informed me that I would need 1700+ words per day to reach the 50k goal by end of month.  Being that I just now busted out 1800+ words fairly easily, I should be good to go.

However, it is evidenced by simply scrolling through my (shockingly regularly updated!) blog that my problem is not word count.  It is reliability.  Can I reliably work on the exact same project for a month straight?  (The two days lost don't count, fuck you).  I tried doing daily writing when I first set up this blog, and that clearly didn't work very well.  But perhaps it will  be different if there is a specific end-point.  The project ends on the 31st of November, when I have 50k+ words written.

[I need vodka.]

I like the character that I've decided to put in the project though, I'll say that much.  She's interesting, at least I think so.  I've long had a broad concept for a protagonist and antagonist pairing that I've yet to actually develop until now, and she falls nicely into the protagonist side.  Now I just have to develop an antagonist to fit her.

See it has long, long aggravated the living pissfuck out of me that sexuality is used to define heroes and villains.  In particular, women.  The "good" women are "virtuous" and "pure" while the "evil" women are "sluts" and/or sexually "deviant."  This is a bunch of horse shit.  Sexually deviant people are not evil, sexual deviance has nothing to do with evil, and I do not appreciate the two being equated.  Just because a person likes to give it up to anyone with a pretty smile, or likes chains, whips, wax, leather, or even shit during sex doesn't mean they are evil.  Similarly, just because a person is monogamous, refuses to indulge in anything other than vanilla sex, and decries all forms of "depravity" doesn't make them virtuous or good.

Thus, the hero of this piece is kind of a slut, and she likes freaky things.  Her adversary will be, conversely, somewhat of a prude, much like most female heroes I've seen portrayed in fiction.  This is just my own club-handed attempt at social commentary.

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