Friday, October 14, 2011

Gaming - Old Republic Characters

It's almost here!  TOR is just around the corner, and I couldn't be much more excited than I already am.  Being as excited as I am, and having missed yesterday's blog post, I thought I would put together a post that has been in my mind for a few weeks now.  Below are brief descriptions of each of the characters I will be playing through the course of TOR's lifetime (or my interest in it during that lifetime, you never know).  Though I will be playing all of them eventually, I am going to begin with Dorenn simply because...inquisitor.  Fucking Force lightning.

I've kept the descriptions in a manner that does not limit me when game-time finally rolls around.  I avoided backgrounds wherever possible, because I don't know what kind of story the game will build for my character.  These two rules in mind, I set about simply developing the personality of each character, which will help me roleplay each of them as I see them in my head.  Hopefully, the names of these characters won't be taken.  I'll probably have to make each and every one of them on day one, just to be sure.  If the names are somehow already taken though, I'll have to rename them.

In the future, once the game's out and things begin to progress, I'll probably come back and update this.  Actually I rather like that idea, now that I've thought it up.  I'll keep this post as an active record of my characters, who they are, and what they become as they adventure.  That fun, and now I'm rather looking forward to the idea.

Anyway!  Enough rambling from me.  Here they are.

Aldri Pren - Powertech
Specifics: Female human; Homeworld: Coruscant
Build: Almost exclusively Advanced Prototype, with the occasional lean toward Firebug.
Personality: Not the most bloodthirsty woman in the galaxy, or the meanest, or even the most greedy, Aldri is simply an adrenaline junkie.  She definitely is not the oppressive type, but she's also not likely to go out of her way to help people if there isn't anything in it for her.  That being said, "in it for her" can be as simple as a good adrenaline rush.  She could have signed up for the Republic as easily as the Empire, except that the Empire got there first, offered more credits, and frowns less on her more adventurous escapades.

Dorenn Ljendrik - Sith Sorcerer
Specifics: Female rattataki; Homeworld: Rattatak
Build: Primarily Lightning, augmented by Corruption.
Personality: Quick to anger, but rarely disposed to rash action, Dorenn is as deadly in the long term as the rest of her people are in the short term.  Even small things can set off her temper but she will rarely give any kind of outward indication of that anger, instead holding her grudge for as many weeks, months, even years it takes to repay the wrong.  Often those who anger her are completely unaware of having done so, until suddenly they find one of Dorenn's minions throttling them, or Dorenn herself arrives to fry them like a stuck pig.

Edha Chos - Jedi Shadow
Specifics: Female miraluka; Homeworld: Alpheridies
Build: Even mix of Infiltration and Balance.
Personality: Edha's attitudes during the escalation of hostilities is a matter of grave concern to her friends and mentors. Always a fervent opponent of the Sith, speaking against what she called the "unrighteous" treaty, she has been aching for a return to hostilities.  In her estimation, the treaty is a black mark on the Republic, and she is eager to drive the Sith back to where they came from.  The mere idea that so many innocents currently chafe under the rule of the Sith eats away at her conscience every single day.  Thus the more hostilities increase, the more the treaty seems to break down, the more agitated Edha becomes and the more likely she is to act quite rashly.

Krig Ambren - Vanguard
Specifics: Male human; Homeworld: Coruscant
Build: Even mix of Tactics and Shield Specialist.
Personality: Krig is the poster-boy for the "this isn't my war" crowd.  Though he excelled during training, he remains uninterested in galactic politics.  He follows orders as they're handed down and does what he's told because this is simply what his family has done for seventeen generations, and he won't be the one to break that chain.  That said he is quick to develop friendships, being an affable sort, and he is quite protective of those soldiers and other allies that gain his trust.  Rumors abound that he has a pet bunny, named Peanut, that he keeps in his equipment pack.

Marden Tel - Jedi Guardian
Specifics: Male zabrak; Homeworld: Iridonia
Build: Primarily Focus, augmented by Defense.
Personality: Fond of meditation and silence, Marden was known among the other students during his training as the "Consular Guardian," as the other students joked that he was following the wrong teachings.  Marden took the jests in good stride, and maintains his practices of meditation far beyond what most other Knights might. He even seeks the advice of Consulars on occasion, well aware that his training did not lend itself to meditation as heavily as theirs did.   Still, he understands his role in warfare and is the first to charge among the enemy, saber flashing.

Ninna Targen - Sniper
Specifics: Female human; Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Build: Primarily Marksmanship, augmented by Lethality.
Personality: Ninna is a complex combination of wild party girl and silent killer.  On the job she rarely speaks but that she has something significant to say, hardly moves but that she makes a deliberately calculated action, and is in all ways a cold, calculating precision instrument in the hands of Imperial Intelligence.  Off the job she is loud, rowdy, cheerful, and even quite friendly, known rather fondly among the denizens of the night crowd wherever she happens to be living.  If the people she partied with were ever informed that she was also a professional killer for the Empire, they wouldn't believe a word of it.

Sigien Thoth - Sith Marauder
Specifics: Female Sith pureblood; Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Build: Almost exclusively Carnage, with the occasional lean toward Rage.
Personality: Known for her love of brutality more than anything else, Sigien is known to be just as deadly to her companions and allies as she is to the enemy.  Though quick to use any weapon at her disposal - the Force, a blaster, or a crude grenade - her preferred weapons are her twin lightsabers and her bare hands.  Sigien genuinely loves the feel of shattering bone, the smell of burning flesh, and the sounds of screaming innocents.  Through and through, Sigien is genuinely in it for the pleasure of the kill.

Starr Keori - Scoundrel
Specifics: Female human; Homeworld: None
Build: Even mix of Scrapper and Dirty Fighting.
Personality: Starr's interest in planets and starships is completely backwards.  Born on a freighter in mid hyperspace, she likes to claim that she's spent more time in space than not, and she might be serious.  One can never tell however, since Starr is almost as fond of fibbing, stretching the truth, enhancing facts, and flat-out lying as she is making money.  And she loves making money.  To her, the best thing in the galaxy is a recently emptied cargo hold paired with a recently filled bank account.  She cares about the Republic's war just as much as they can provide her with opportunity to make more credits.  After that, she's gone.

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