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Content - Arcane Magic in the Divine Lands

Looking for more Divine Lands content?  I found some!  It was in my head.  No idea why I put it there (silly, silly place to keep things), but at least I found it.
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Many campaign settings treat magic with its own particular flavor.  In some places magic might be addictive, to be used sparingly at the risk of losing oneself to it.  In some realms magic is tightly controlled, specific to particular orders which govern the accepted uses of magic and the methods by which one achieves the ability to wield that magic.  In some realms, magic is even seen as being so dangerous that anyone who wields it must be kept safely away from the rest of the world, lest they pose a nigh-unstoppable danger to innocent lives.  There are still even more ways in which magic is treated throughout a great many types of action fantasy campaign settings; I just happened to list those three ideas because they are found within three of my particular favorite realms.  However, be any of that as it may, we are here to discuss how magic works in Esaria.

Magic in my campaign setting is a terrible force, both for those who anger magic users and for the magic users themselves.  It's incredibly powerful, and it was never intended for mortal use; not forbidden, just not intended that mortals would ever think to start using it.  Mortals, however, are power hungry and ambitious.  They couldn't pass up this tremendous power.  With it, they are capable of doing amazing things, forging and crushing whole kingdoms, but they do so at the risk of their own lives.  Casting a spell wrong could result in rupturing your spleen, or spontaneously shattering your thigh bone, as magic that you were never intended to use goes flowing through your body haphazardly.  Hell, you can even get in trouble by being too good.  Try to use too much magic, and you'll overtax your poor mortal body just as badly as if you had cast the spell wrong (though, in that case, whoever you cast the spell on is much more dead than they would normally be).

There are several different unique aspects to the way magic works in my realm, and that is only one of them.  I hope you enjoy this document, and I can't wait to show you more of my setting!

So, again, arcane classes in the Divine Lands!  Download them here!

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