Thursday, April 07, 2011

Content - Trolls!

They piss you off, they bait the forums, they slaughter villages, they're trolls!

Okay, so they don't bait forums.  At least, not that I know of.

The trolls of my setting are something of which I have always been particularly fond.  In many settings trolls have usually been ugly, stupid, clumsy, disgusting, or any combination thereof.  I wanted the trolls of my setting to be things of adventurers' nightmares, and I have always striven to make them so when I include them in the campaigns I run.  In particular, I remember one adventure in which I pitted my poor players against a troll who was far, far above their level.  This was a mean trick on my part, to be sure, but dammit I did provide them with whole barrels of oil and functional lamps with which to burn him down.  It's not my fault they didn't search the area before they went charging on with the adventure!  In fact, if I remember correctly, the group actually searched every bit of the village except where I had placed the oil and lanterns.  The difficulty of that fight was so very much not my fault.

So, again, trolls!  I hope they make a big mess of your adventuring party.  (Not in a malicious way though.)  (Much.)


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